DoneDeal - digitizing legality

The DoneDeal app is for digital documenting of a deal or agreement made between individuals and/or small companies. A mobile smartphone or a pad can be used and it will be for Android, IOS (Apple) and Window platforms. The deal is documented by geo-tagging, time stamping and a photo in addition to text.

The need for an app for documenting deals and legal agreements

In Sub-Saharan Africa, today, there is around 650 million mobile phone subscribers, about 70 percent penetration in the region. By the end of 2019 it is estimated to be 930 million.

Most networks enables Internet access and by 2019 4G will have fully penetrated the region.Mobile data traffic will grow 20-fold between 2013 and 2019 mobile voice traffic will only double the same time.*

Increasingly more and more applications will be accessible over the mobile phone. Sub-Saharan Africa will leap-frog the traditional web-acess for a mobile one, just as they have leap-frogged fixed line telephony and moved directly to mobile telephony Hence there will be a huge demand for apps covering all kinds of aspects, e.g. entertainment and social networking and for utility apps for health, news, education, banking and finance, ticketing, maps, business etc.

Many of these already exists but we have found a need for an app we call DoneDeal:

  • The app is mainly intented for simple and fast documentation of deals and agreements made in areas with less developed business and legal infrastructure. Sub-Saharan Africa in non urban areas would be typical.
  • It could be for e.g. small loans, a rental of someones motor bike, a short employment for a specific work, receipt for a purchase made including maybe a warrant, etc.
  • In less developed infrastructure, with no access to printers and recepit producing vending machines, or bank and legal offices for printed templates etc the mobile phone is the one thing always at hand.
  • It is also much more convinient as it is always at hand, and also safer than having a piece of paper that can be lost, destroyed in an accident or stolen.
  • And, of course, much better than any a verbal agreement that many times would be the alternative.

A Powerpoint presentation of the concept

Home page for the project

*Data fom Sub-Saharan Africa, Ericsson Mobility Report June 2014